JavaScript was meant to be more than it but unfortunately it started and stayed as just another form validation utility back in 90s. HTML was just used to represent rich text.. Yes.. Marquees were fun and so futuristic. Comic sans was awesome font back then. But it all changed, they predicted JavaScript will fade out over the period, so wrong they were. It’s here to stay, I won’t say ‘forever’ but for a really long period. Let’s say till the time we find some other habitable planet. <grin>

My name is Rahul Patil. 24 years old web enthusiast from India.I work in an awesome organization called RapidCircle (formerly known as Zevenseas). We develop a lot of crazy stuff in RapidCircle.. I love exploring modern and cutting edge technologies. I am a big fan of AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Polymer, Windows Azure and ASP.Net MVC. In free time, I play with WordPress and customize it till I optimize it to the next level. How can I forget my  first love, something that brought me to this professional world.. Android. I am a big time Android follower. I founded most downloaded and rated custom ROM for one of the very first and high end flagship Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S (I9000). It really changed my world. People call me Android fanboi but honestly, I love technology. PS : I do love iOS since it wasn’t even iOS.. Heheh

When I am not sitting in front of computer, I love to listen music. Sometimes I grab my camera and capture the surroundings (okay, I admit, I haven’t been doing it ACTIVELY it since long, but I am getting my ass back on track with photography soon…). I am kinda fitness freak, I love keeping myself fit enough to live happy life. I love to keep track of the things I do, I was a regular diary writer for years but because of busy schedules I left it in between.

With WrapCode, Neighter I want to compete with other similar tech blogs around nor I’m interested in earning money off this blog. This is just to keep myself active in blogger world, it makes me happy. Hoping that you’ll find some articles handful in some way.

All I want to do here is share whatever I learn everyday.