Delete Facebook Activities automatically using iMacros – Today, one of my friend posted (not him actually, the app posted it. Thanks to Facebook for allowing apps to post behalf of us) “Grab your Free Battlefield 3 Premium Code Today!” post.

The friend who’s profile posted this on my wall is a technology enthusiast so I went ahead and clicked on that offer (Later I realized it was unintentionally clicked by my Facebook friend). After clicking couple of links here and there,  I saw my Facebook profile has become a Spambot (This is why we should read page or application permissions page before allowing). That Scam application ( shared the same message to everyone in my friend list. Obviously this was a scam, they never give any free keys (STAY AWAY FROM SUCH OFFERS, OTHERWISE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE IN DANGER).

More information about “Offers that turn your FaceBook account into SpamBot”  

I immediately unliked the page and revoked permissions. But the next big thing was the message posted by Free-Gaming-Arena application. Facebook doesn’t provide mass delete / remove facility on any of their feature. The only way of deleting posted message on my friend’s wall was deleting them manually. I have over 300 friends on FaceBook and deleting this activity one by one could take a lot of time. I was worried about message being spread everywhere. I wanted to keep my as well as my friend’s facebook account clean. I

Suddenly I realized I have iMacros plugin on Firefox browser. I decided to code a macro which will automatically delete all those activities one by one. By using macros, I deleted all those unwanted activities within few minutes. All I had to do is sit and watch iMacros doing some magical stuff on my Facebook account. 🙂

Here’s how you can remove unwanted Facebook Activities from my Facebook account.

  1. Download and Install Firefox or Install Chrome
    Download and Install iMacros for Firefox or Install iMacros for Chrome
    Download this macro :
  2. Paste it in iMacros directory (usually Drive:\Users\<Username>\Documents\iMacros\Macros)
  3. Log In to Facebook and open Activity Log (<username>/allactivity )
  4. Firefox logo users – Open iMacros Panel by pressing F8.  users – Click on iMacros button just besides Wrench (Settings) button on top right corner.
  5. Select facebookactivity.iim
  6. Click on Play or Play Loop (Select value depending on number of activities you want to delete)
  7. Let the iMacros do the rest of work.

Macro code :

TAG POS=1 TYPE=I ATTR=CLASS:mrs<SP>defaultIcon<SP>customimg<SP>img<SP>sp_b0ftda<SP>sx_ad4be6&&TXT:
TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=CLASS:itemLabel<SP>fsm&&TXT:Delete...

You can change tag position in 3rd line, TAG POS = 1 specifies first activity on page will be deleted. E.g. If you want to keep first 4 activities from Activity Log, you can set TAG POS =4. I haven’t done much experiments, I have just customized code on my personal knowledge basis.

Please share if you have any optiomised code 🙂